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SAT Madness: How To Approach The Standardized Test

By a Brookfield Learning Center Intern who has recently completed SAT/ACT testing

SAT Madness: How To Approach The Standardized Test

Tips for the SAT


Ah, winter and spring of junior year. What a breeze, right? Not really--between finishing midterms, starting spring activities, and just having a life, there is one factor weighing more than the rest. This happens to be the SAT, the standardized test produced and provided by the famous College Board. All around the United States, high-schoolers struggle through this four-hour long test. SAT scores are an important part of many college applications. Doing well on this test and improving your overall score can benefit you in many other ways, too! So, here are some tips!

  1. Research! Learning about the test before jumping into it is a great way to be prepared. Finding out the time restraints can give you a head start on prioritizing your questions. It can also improve your study habits to help you understand whether to practice going through problems faster.

  2. Study! Although this is a common suggestion, studying can drastically change your results for this test. Not everything on this test is taught in school, and if so, it is not guaranteed to be at your level. Great ways to practice include looking up SAT problems or buying a SAT Prep book. Answers and teaching sessions for the more difficult problems are easily accessible and readily at hand. You can find answers online, in a book, or through a friend.

  3. That leads us to our last tip: talk to someone! Going to an SAT prep course may be expensive and time consuming, yet, they are most likely the best way to find out reliable information about the test. However, other options are popular as well. This could range from friends who have taken it before to practice tests online. Preparation courses for this test are even provided by the Brookfield Learning Center, so consider signing up! Guidance counselors and teachers are knowledgeable on this test and can also assist in teaching material as well.

Overall, the most important message to take to your test is to be calm. Go into this test relaxed and prepared. Although the SAT has a notorious reputation, it is just a test . Following these tips and focusing on what you know will make the test go by with ease!

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