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Educational Resources

Here at the Brookfield Learning Center we truly care about our students and their future academic careers. This page will inform you about updates in standardized testing and other pieces of useful information that help during the college source.

Educational Resources

"Stop Asking About College"

In an article titled "Stop Asking About College," writer Elisabeth Egan talks about her daughter's college experience and offers advice for parents and students going through the college process. Although this time is quite stressful, it is important to put things into perspective! Click this link to read more on these ideas.

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests are commonly known as "SAT II." These tests are recommended or required at many colleges. Subject tests allow students to show that they have mastered a certain area. For more information on these tests, click the link below.

SSAT Testing

The SSAT test is a test required for admission into private schools. To learn more about how these tests are scored, visit the web page linked below.


We created a Quizlet to help you with studying skills! Check out this link for useful vocab lists on SAT Vocab, Latin roots, and more!

Study Skills

Recent studies have shown that some methods of studying and test preparation are far more successful than others. Are you making the most of study time? This article explains the most efficient ways to study.

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