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Meet Our Team

At the Brookfield Learning Center we are committed to helping all students achieve their academic goals. We are a team of skilled educators dedicated to providing our students with a positive, accommodating learning experience.

Neal Adams

Neal Adams is a history tutor. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a B.S. in Education, and later graduated from Wake Forest University with an M.A. in History. Neal taught history at John Jay High School from 1965-1996 and then served as Head Master at Wooster from 1996-2006. Aside from being a tutor at BLC since 2007, Neal teaches piano and enjoys music and kayak paddling.

Steve Angelo

Steven Angelo is a math/reading/content area tutor. He graduated from Iona College with a BS in secondary education and social studies, a MSeD in Education from Western Connecticut State University, and a MA from Fairfield University in Special Education. Steven is daily certified in Social Studies (7-12) and Special Education (K-12). He has taught in the Diocese of Bridgeport for the last 5 years and will be a Special Education teacher in Stamford Public Schools. 

Diana de Vries

Diana de Vries was born and educated in Argentina and completed her studies in Chile, earning a B.A. in French and Spanish from the Universidad Catolica de Chile.  She taught Spanish at the Montessori School and Rumsey Hall School in Washington, Ct., and started the Spanish elementary school program at Wooster School in Danbury, CT.  Diana enjoys playing tennis and travelling and tutors in both Spanish and French at the Brookfield Learning Center.

Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill has a strong foundation in mathematics, having a B.S. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Secondary Education. He also has a B.S. in Psychology. Andrew taught math for 7 years at Brookfield High School and was also math chair for 1 year there. He is currently the math coordinator for grades 6-12 at Westport High School, and is an adjunct in school of education at the University of Bridgeport. When he isn't teaching math, Andrew also loves to cook, study other subjects, and play video games.

Kristina Zupnyk

Kristina Zupnyk is an adjunct English and Writing Professor, and she has an M.F.A in English & Creative Writing. She also has a B.S. in English & Intercultural Studies.

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